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Learn Quran Tafsir is now Available in English

Alhamdulillah, Learn Quran Foundation has launched a free online tafsir website in English version: tafsir.learn-quran.co

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Here’s the reason why we are making another great product.

The Quran explains everything*, including your daily problems, however…

  • Most of us lack sufficient knowledge to understand Qur’an for our daily life.
  • A high level of knowledge and understanding is necessary to merely explain (tafsir) the Qur’an’s meaning.
  • Knowledge about the context behind the Ayat is also essential to understand the Qur’an fully.

Also, we know that understanding Quran can be done by reading tafsirs, however…

  • Tafsirs books are expensive, difficult to use, often impractical, and not to mention hard to find
  • Online tafsirs are not comprehensive, and lacks trustworthiness

So what can we do to understand Quran easily?

In order to help the world know and understand tafsirs better, Learn Quran is introducing our newest product, Learn Quran Tafsir. Learn Quran Tafsir is a free and advanced search engine which searches in the Qur’an and multiple tafsirs for anything you want to know. Moreover, LQ Tafsir uses Artificial Intelligence technology for its search engine, the more we use it, the more advanced its technology becomes.

Our team has been developing this new Quran search engine since mid-2017. Prior to the English version, the initial version in Bahasa Indonesia has been launched on January 2018.

Try Learn Quran Tafsir now.