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LQ Meets Peter Gould and Muslim Innovation

Muslim innovators has been around from long time ago. Ibn Sina and Al Khwarizmi are some of them, but now Muslim community has a new generation of innovative and creative Muslims. As we know Learn Quran has created mobile app to learn how to read Quran, named Learn Quran Tajwid. And their recent product is online Quran tafsir, called Learn Quran Tafsir.

From the other side of the world, an innovative board game is finally available for Muslim: 5 Pillar Board Game. This game is created to connect and engage people. It is an effective tool to liberate them from the gadget and electronics while learning about Islam in a fun way.

During the launching day of 5 Pillar Board Game in Jakarta, LQ Team had a quick chat with Peter Gould, Designer Executive Officer of Zileej. This time, Zileej collaborates with Republika to create the Indonesia version of this board game.

Peter Gould believes that Muslim should be constantly making innovation. With Zileej team, he wants to bring 5 Pillar Board Game to the Muslim communities around the world. Currently, the board game are available in several languages, including Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Arabic.


He also gave his comment about Learn Quran Tafsir as “A great tool for interacting with Quranic content. It’s an important efforts to help people engage, understand and experience Quran in our times.”

Learn Quran Tafsir is aiming to provide more languages to help Muslims from any countries to understand Quran for free. With the latest technology, Artificial Intelligence, this will be the ultimate Quran search engine. Hopefully there will be more features added in the near future. You can be a part of this innovation and support us with donation here.