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Vacancy: Chief Marketing Officer

Last modified on 4 May 2021 at 04:36

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Learn Quran Tajwid (LQTajwid)’s mission is to provide the best tool to learn to recite Quran. LQTajwid has been used by more than 2 million people in more than 150 countries. For us, working in LQ is dunya and akhirah work. For more information, visit www.learn-quran.co/post

We are looking for a growth hacker who can spread LQTajwid to more muslims, especially to those who are not reached organically. Internet marketing expertise will be very strategic for you to succeed, though offline strategies are also feasible. We do not require any degree, though it is good if you have. All we care about is your akhlak & competence.

You will work directly under our CEO. Our graphic designer and product team are also here if you need help. You can propose marketing budgets by making sure it is worthy.

This is your chance to do ‘amal jariyyah by making thousands/millions of people learn Al-Qur’an! This is your chance to have a portfolio on a leading international product! This is not an exaggeration, just find out about our products. With IDR 0 marketing budget and no sales/marketing personnel, every day we achieve more than 6000 active users + millions of rupiah of revenue organically. Can you imagine how many times it will scale if we do marketing!


  1. Increase awareness, user, and revenue
  2. Develop and execute marketing strategies
  3. Make business partnerships

Must Have:

  1. Love Al-Qur’an
  2. Good attitudes
  3. Great on Sales and Marketing
  4. 1-year experience in related Sales or Marketing job
  5. Strong IT literacy
  6. Can learn & adapt quickly to this job
  7. Excellent English & Indonesian languages
  8. Good initiative and communication
  9. Smart & high-quality professional

Good to Have:

  1. Experience in marketing jobs for software products
  2. Understand internet marketing tools (Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc.)
  3. Educations on related fields
  4. Creative (can produce good ideas)
  5. Good sense of visual design
  6. Extensive knowledge about Quran
  7. Understand Arabic, French, and/or Chinese languages
  8. Good copy-writing skills
  9. Live near our office


  1. A great ‘amal jariyyah إِنْ شَآءَ الله if you’re ikhlas
  2. Flexible working time (you literally can work anytime you want)
  3. Flexible working place (we do not have office routine schedule; we only go to office when needed)
  4. Salary = IDR 8 – 24 million/month (for 40 working hours per week)
  5. Negotiable working hours between 10 – 40 hours/week (you can work part-time if you want)
  6. 100 LQTajwid Pro+ (worth IDR 21,890,000)
  7. Our office is in Depok Town Square UI Works
  8. Continuous learning opportunities
  9. If you have proven yourself a great person:
    1. profit sharing scheme
    2. a chance to be a Director
    3. a chance to get the company share
  10. Islamic work environment

How to Apply:

  • Make sure you qualify all the “Must Have” above. You will not be accepted if there is even one that is not fulfilled. Do not waste your & our time.
  • at last 4 Oct 2020, send to [email protected] your:
    1. CV or a link to your profile online (e.g. LinkedIn),
    2. Proofs that you are capable for this job,
    3. Proofs of excellent English proficiency (e.g. TOEFL certificate),
    4. an essay (max. 500 words) explaining your motivations and why you are the right person, and
    5. academic transcript if you have.
  • Include other relevant things (e.g. portfolio). The more right information you give, the better your chance.
  • Write on the email title Applying Chief Marketing Officer.
  • The sooner you apply, the better your chance.

P.S. If you pass the CV-selection phase, there will be a test of “How will you increase user and revenue of LQTajwid?” You can prepare it from now 😉 to have great programs since you will be selected only if you’re great

Got questions? Contact [email protected]