“I just don’t want he loses his faith.”

Nyson, a first year college student in Florida University, shocked me after Zuhr prayer today with this sentence. He thanked me for answering questions of a friend of him and other youngsters here in the tafsir class. According to him, there are a number of young born muslims in USA who left Islam because they have access to nobody solving problems in their head regarding religious stuffs.

Many problems happen to them. For example, their parents may be very busy so they do not have time to learn Islam more nor to teach their children. Also, they are threatened everyday with shubuhat (doubts) spread in internet or in society without having chance to know how refuting so. Sadly, in many cases, they are blamed for asking such questions and told that these are forbidden questions.

The Prophet Muhammad -may peace and salutation be upin him- in many hadiths was asked a lot of question even more ridiculous. But he welcomed all of them. Companions once upon a day come to him and sayid: “Verily we perceive in our minds that which every one of us considers it too grave to express.” He (the Prophet Muhammad) responded: “Do you really perceive it?” They said: “Yes.” Upon this he remarked: “That is the faith manifest.” (narrated by Muslim)

Nur Fajri Romadhon
East Haddam CT, July 8th 2021

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