Zaamirul hayyi laa yuthribu. The neighborhood flutist doesn’t rejoice.

This is an ancient Arabic mathal/proverb which mean that in many occasions the expert at a field becomes not interesting in his own local community. The flutist in this mathal was indeed a great flutist that amazed many people in many cities. But when he returns to his own city and played flute in front of his families and his old mates, they were not interested in his play.

Islamic scholars later has a similar famous quote which is narrated from Ikrimah, a Taabi’i (student of Sahabah): “Inna azhada n-naasi fii ‘aalimin ahluhu. The family of a scholar do not care at him the most.” You often see a great scholar in some particular fields of Islamic or natural or social sciences who influence a huge number of people around the globe but he may not give a significant spell to his closest circle.

This afternoon I was just informed that a big famous restaurant in Indonesia which is originally from USA is not very famous here (I don’t want to mention its name of course). In many cases the problem does not lie in this restaurant nor that scholar and the flutist themselves. There are many factors cause this. Yet still this is one of the most unique phenomenon in the life.

Nur Fajri Romadhon
East Haddam CT, July 6th 2021

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